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The guild that inspires fear into the hearts of the monsters that would lay waste to the City of Zenith.

We are made up of individuals who are interested in honing their skills in PvE, but are not too focused on becoming extremely hardcore.

For our more serious gamers, our guild’s faction of dedicated PvP players forms the Umbra Legion.

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining us on our mission in combating the threats that may reside outside the city.

“In Respect we find Unity
and in Unity we find Strength.”


We were formed as a response to the increased attacks around the outskirts of Zenith.

The founder of our guild, Oostin, decided to take it upon himself to try and protect both travelers and Zenitheans alike.
Unfortunately, it became extremely difficult for just one man to be able to accomplish such a task.

As the rate of attacks and number of his foes began to substantially increase, he knew that he needed help.

With that, he formed DAUNTING, the guild that accepts any and all willing warriors to aid him in his quest to fight off the monsters who threaten the innocent, and restore peace to both the city and the land around it.

Come join the best guild in Zenith!